Couples Therapy: Does It Really Work?

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When you first get into a relationship, sometimes you hit a rough patch early on. Although in certain cases you might be ready to just break it off, you don’t always have to. If you think the relationship is worth salvaging, and you’re willing to put in a little work, couples therapy might be for you. Sometimes sessions can be used for something as simple as recurring miscommunication, which leads to blow out fights, according to Although this might sound like your worst nightmare, if you really like the woman or she’s really hot, it can’t hurt. Think of it as a learning experience. At the very least, it’s a funny story you can tell your friends. We’ll tell you a little bit about the ins and outs of couple’s therapy.

Deciding Whether to Try It

“It is the right time to try it”

You may not feel that it’s the best course of action to go to couples therapy with a woman you meet on a personals site, even if it’s the best online. You don’t treat every woman you meet as a serious commitment, but this can change if you are invested. Couples therapy isn’t only for married people, but exists to foster better communication. While you may meet some sketchy characters white online dating off sites like, you can also meet women that you’re legitimately interested in.

If you’ve only gone a few dates and she suggests couples therapy, that’s off the wall and may signal that she’s certifiably crazy. However, if you’ve been hanging around together regularly and you’re sleeping together on the regular, you might be willing to put in a bit more effort. Relationships, no matter how casual, can stall. Sometimes it’s due to a communication problem. You might find yourself fighting with your lady friend about a silly topic over and over. If you want to resolve the issue, and you’re willing to put in the time, couples therapy may be a good idea. However, if you’re only interested in a regular hookup, there’s plenty other women out there on the best online personals sites. Don’t waste your time if you’re not at all invested in her. You don’t have to be considering marriage, but if you’d rather not lose her and you’re having problems, giving couples therapy a try can be effective.


“Your intimate details are in safe hands”

The great thing about couples therapy is that like all therapy, it’s confidential. There are lots of different types of professional individuals that can act as a couples therapist. Some are more community-oriented, like religious leaders, and may not be held to confidentiality by law. Licensed psychologists and social workers, however, are bound to protect your conversations with a few caveats in extreme situations. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your chosen therapist blabbing your personal relationship business all around the neighborhood. Couples therapy is supposed to be a place where you can really be honest, which is the whole idea of working through communication barriers. One of the cornerstones of this type of therapy is that there is a certain problem that can be fixed, often rooted in communication problems.

Unlike all the trial and error of casual dating it takes to figure out what types of communication problems you have with women, therapy is a straightforward way to lay it bare. You can use the best online personals sites and find amazing, beautiful women, but if you have a recurring communication problem, it will always fizzle. In the past, maybe you’ve met women off the opposite type of site with a bad reputation, like, and blamed your problems on choosing the wrong site. The fact of the matter is, it’s usually about you. Even if the relationship doesn’t last with the woman you’re going to therapy with, it can be helpful in the long run.


“Men are terrible when it comes to communicating feelings”

Guys aren’t the best communicators. It’s not our fault, and it’s just a fact. It’s not in a man’s nature to voice his feelings very often, or to even know when you’re feeling something. When it comes to women, a lot of times all you’re feeling is how much you want to get her into bed. There are other times you might be feeling pretty good about hanging out with her. The point is that we don’t think about our feelings, and we don’t analyze every single thing that passes through our heads.

Women, on the other hand, think about everything. They think about you, where they need to go after work, what shoes they should wear because it’s going to rain, and whether they should really cut down on sugar. Basically, women try to keep the entire world all at once in their heads. They also think fast, and sometimes, obsessively. The problem with a man not being analytical about his feelings is when you stop being able to read hers.

That’s when things go downhill. She’s angry at you, and you don’t know why. You may not even notice at first. Suddenly, she’s sitting in a bar crying into her drink about how you don’t care about her. Chances are you, you’re dumbfounded and confused.

Couples therapy can be a helpful – if only one-time – experience in aiding you when it comes to reading other people’s feelings. This is especially applicable to women, who are inherently emotional creatures. You’ll save yourself a lot of drama and time if you can pick up on her emotions and tell her what she needs to hear.

Identifying Recurring Problems

“Identify the issue and deal with it”

Therapy is also about identifying those recurring problems you might have. For example, maybe you start to notice that women always seem to become distant with you after you’ve been seeing each other for a month. If it’s a consistent pattern, that probably means there’s something going on that you haven’t figured out yet. This is where couples therapy can come in handy. It helps you to identify those recurring problems and get past them. Even if it doesn’t work out with the woman you’re seeing at the time, you can use this information in the future. Learning about how you approach relationships can be extremely useful. Trust us when we say if you can stop bad relationship habits before they start. In the future, you’ll be able to address your problems and prevent all your relationships from going downhill.

When to Throw in the Towel

“It is time to pull the plug on this broken relationship”

There is definitely a point when it’s time to throw in the towel on a relationship. If you met your lady on a personals site that’s also the best online, you might feel an obligation to appease her because of your own expectations. This shouldn’t be the case. You should always follow your instincts while deciding if a woman is worth investing in. For example, if you meet her on a bad personals site like GO2Personals, you should not invest in it. Read Go2Personals Revew: A Great Place For a Quick Fling, or Not? Once, you have read this online dating site review, you can start thinking about investing your time and money. However, expectations are a completely different thing. Just because you went in with the expectation that you would meet someone amazing, doesn’t mean that it always ends that way. Don’t try to talk yourself into going to couples therapy, just because you want it to work. If it’s obvious to you that your relationship with a particular woman is never going to stand a chance, don’t bother. If she seems ill-tempered over minor things, or you’re annoyed being around her constantly, couples therapy isn’t the answer. This type of therapy is more for working through communication problems, but it can’t magically create chemistry between two people.

Classic Pitfalls of Online Chats and How to Avoid Them

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“You’ll not be able to judge her body language online”

One of the most difficult aspects of online dating to overcome is chatting someone up online. Inevitably you miss out on body language and tone of voice cues among other things that can lead you to misconstrue what she is saying, or give her the wrong impression of you. Although it is easy enough to find reviews of sites to meet women, it is a lot more difficult to find tips for coming off certain ways in online chats. Before you start looking for tips, you need to read the website reviews to meet women carefully. Here is a top 5 chart for you. If you want to have online sex, then you need to approach a woman accordingly. Focus on your chatting skills. Most people have a hard enough time explaining why they reacted a certain way to various posts and emails they read through on a daily basis: trying to figure out what someone else thinks might seem like an impossible task to conquer. There are, however, some easy rules to follow that an at least help you get your point across without suffering from the typical issues that arise.

Sarcasm Is Your Enemy

“Stay away from something that needs a tone of voice”

If you thought choosing your words was difficult half sloshed at a bar in Leeds, relying on something that is typically inferred through tone of voice when you don’t actually have one is like shooting yourself in the foot. Sarcasm has a lot of issues when it comes to meeting someone for the first time, anyway. Trying to make use of it in an online context where you cannot as reliably emphasize your words to make it easy to understand that you mean them sarcastically is just asking for trouble. How many forum threads have you seen go awry just due to someone taking something the wrong way, only to have it resolved pages later or not at all? Do you really want to take the chance of suffering the same fate in a situation when you probably aren’t going to get pages and pages of discussion to reframe you point and snag a second chance?

Generally speaking, anything that increases the chance for being rejected isn’t just risky, but just foolish to bother with. Unless you know someone well in the first place, even in person sarcasm have one heck of a recoil. Trusting yourself to do any better in an online scenario just really doesn’t lend itself to positive outcomes. Yes, that includes blatantly pointing out that you comment was meant to be sarcastic from the get go. It’s a lot easier to write something like that off in person if it doesn’t go over well. As fleeting as the Internet often seems to be, always remember that whatever you put online might as well be written in stone. Trying to recover after she reacts poorly to something you wrote is a lot harder than recovering from something you said. At least in the later case, you can usually fudge over word choice after the fact. If she doesn’t appreciate sarcasm, you can also tell much quicker in person. In general, it’s best to just stay away from anything that requires a tone of voice to really understand when you are communicating through text.

Spelling and Grammar Are Actually Useful

Chatting online doesn’t necessarily mean you need to show off your grammar school credentials. While you can often get your point across without paying attention to things like periods and halfway decent capitalization, the fact of the matter is that it is a heck of a lot easier to understand when you do. It may not occur to you since most of the time we spend reading is often spent on things that have already been through the editorial process, but double checking your spelling and making sure your grammar follows some form of logic always makes your writing easier to read. Think of the first time you were introduced to a new language and how much easier it was to understand formal and polite conversation and writing compared to trying to learn slang in foreign tongue. Chances are, the slang was good deal more difficult than the rest. The same affect applies to grammar and spelling in reviews of sites to meet women and other online communication. In fact, it is even more pronounced online, because there is an even greater chance of people not sharing the same background and therefore not understanding the same abbreviations and grammatical omissions. In short, try to stick to something that looks vaguely publishable and you’ll make yourself more accessible.

Emoticons: Finding the Balance

“Don’t add too many emoticons in your messages”

When it comes to the little pictures you can make with letters and other characters to illustrate your point or just make a face, people tend to fail into one of two camps: never using them, or completely overloading on them. Generally speaking, the more you want someone to take you seriously, the less likely you are to use emoticons at all. Even reviews of sites to meet women, although relatively casual, usually won’t include emoticons or other ascii characters just because it doesn’t suit the tone of a proper review. That doesn’t mean emoticons have no place in online chats, however. In fact, it is just the opposite. Emoticons help us overcome the limits of text by allowing us to return some of the missing tone of voice plain sentences usually lack. Therefore, it’s actually a good habit to get into adding them every once in a while to make sure you get your point across the way you want it to be taken.

The important thing here is to not overdo it. We all know that one girl that adds winks and sticks her tongue out at the end of everything she types, and coming off the same way to someone we’re trying to impress really doesn’t appeal. Neither does it usually work very well. On the other hand, completely removing emoticons from our chat entirely often makes it come off more rigid and formal than you may realize. If you need a good measure, we suggest once every three submissions. If you write a sentence before sending each time, it’s once every three sentences. If you write a paragraph, it’s once every other paragraph. In this way, you help clarify your meaning while at the same time remaining casual and not coming off as an eager teenager spamming pictures he just looked up during the chat.

Disrupting the Flow of the Conversation

“Keep your responses short and wait for her replies”

This is a little more obvious in person, but since we can’t all live in Leeds, it’s a good idea to get a feel for this in online conversation. That is to say, if you are texting back and forth, in a private chat room or instant messaging session, learning when to lay off the keys is a really good skill to have. We’ve noticed it’s very common for most guys to write a thought, submit it, then immediately follow up with the next thought on and on until they have written nearly a paragraph but with sentence fragments on their own lines. This is choppy and will most likely make her stop and wait longer than needed just to make sure you’re done before replying. More than likely, you’ll end up interrupting her text as well if you do this. Instead, stick to either only writing a complete thought in full sentences and submitting it, or keeping your responses short and waiting for her to reply before continuing.

3 Promising Social Networks to Watch Out For

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The Social Networks play a vital role in building connections and improving social interactions. This has been a medium for individuals in the corporate world in showcasing their product and services in order to reach higher sales rate. Individuals coming from different walks of life rely on social networks for their own individual reasons. But regardless of the differences in intentions and purposes in clinging to social networks, one thing remains and it is that these social networks create an impact and influence to people. With the increasing popularity of social networks, more are soon to invade this web-based environment. This is the 3 emerging and promising social networks individuals must check out.

Spreecast: A Promising Social Network

Spreecast is a social network that links people through conversations and videos. Users can use Spreecast when discussing current events, hosting business conferences and meetings, meeting celebrities, exploring interests and engaging with customers. Another interesting thing about this video platform is that users can also use this when making private chats with their families and friends. This can also be utilized in promoting products, events and uplifting social presence. So, if you haven’t have this yet, why noit try and experience the advantages of using Spreecast yourself?

Twitter International Outlook

Twitter International Outlook

Discover More about Spreaker

The speaker is an emerging social network that allows users to create; share broadcast a live and personal podcast over on the internet in an accessible and simple way. This promising and potential social media network offers tools including mixing console, sound and music effects library and live broadcast audio ability that are all web-based. These tools are essential in broadcasting live audio through widgets which can be set across blogs, websites and social networks. This social media network is also ideal for marketers in creating audio and content about their brands and share it to potential customers. Another breakthrough o make our work better and efficient.

The Emergence of Soundcloud



The Soundcloud is a large community of artists, podcasters, bands and audio and music creator on the web. This allows users to share their sounds and music all across the internet world. Users can also utilize simple widgets to set sounds on their blogs and websites.

When it comes to the wide and exciting network of social media, more individuals are showing enthusiasm. These 3 emerging social networks must be watched for because these promise create another exciting twist in the field of social media. With the captivating features displayed by each social media network, lots of individuals will certainly be persuaded to use these 3 emerging social networks to fulfill their intentions and purposes. These three social networks can really make more fun and exciting days among many users.

3 Dating Habits to Ditch Now

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Dating is a process that takes time and careful attention because it is that moment when you learn to get to know more about each other. It is not only what each tells the other but also the manner how it is told and the actions that come with it. In other words, it is learning more about the whole package. While people get attracted to each other physically first, the mental and emotional attraction is also being weighed during dates. How can you get the possibility high that the person you are dating will get excited again for the next date? How about making sure you ditch the 3 dating habits below?

Being the center of attention

Dating is mostly about talking, letting the other person know more about you, but it is not just all about you! Sure, you just do not want to give opportunity to idle time, and maybe the person you are dating is quite shy, but you can ask questions instead of just babbling all about yourself. Open-ended questions encourage answers in the form of explanation. It makes the person think and express answers in several sentences. Your date may be really interested in you but your interest in your date is also sought after. Aside from knowing that you are interested, it also breaks the notion that you are just a show off.

Using your phone unnecessarily

Ditch your dating bad habits

Ditch your dating bad habits

Most people have mobile phones. When you are on a date, stop checking your phone unnecessarily because it only shows that you are lacking interest on your date. You may check to see whether the text you received is important to e responded to right away. If not, do not bother to reply at the moment you are dating. Put your phone on vibration mode so that you do not miss possible important messages and you do not interrupt the date unnecessarily.

Not paying attention

When you are talking with each other, make eye contact and listen carefully to everything that is said. Try to repeat certain names to commit to memory. Asking questions to confirm what was just said or to encourage elaboration gets the conversation going and gives your date the idea that you are really interested.

Dating behavior to ditch now

Dating behavior to ditch now


Dating can become really interesting that you look forward to the next one, or it can be a bore or disappointing to the other person because you just had certain dating habits that turned the other person off. Talking too much about yourself not only makes you selfish but gets your date bored. Using your phone unnecessarily makes your date think you are not interested, just like your divided attention. Avoid these pitfalls if you want your date to end up on a positive note.

Feeling Bloated? Eat Any of These 3 Foods to Ease That Feeling

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Most of us totally hate that uncomfortable feeling of bloating in our bellies. Bloating can be caused by a lot of factors; it can either be because of water or gas retention, or constipation. But before you seek relief by heading out to the pharmacy right away, you might want to check out your fridge for these natural anti-bloating foods first.

  1. Papaya can shrink that belly down

Papayas are known to contain the enzyme called papain, which works similarly to the digestive enzymes that our pancreas secretes in order to break down proteins brought by food. This tropical fruit turns out to affect many aspects of our digestion, and is said to ease bloating that could be related to constipation or gas retention.

To help you reap the most benefits out of the papain enzyme, you can ea a papaya whole or make a smoothie out of it. Fruit juices are not only easy to consume, they are also devoid of the fruit’s essential vitamins and nutrients. Another option would be to take in papain in supplement forms; however, taking it would not be as beneficial as taking in a whole papaya since its minerals and enzymes impart much greater benefits than that of an isolated nutrient.

  1. Eat a cup of yogurt

Easy and Sweet All-Day

Easy and Sweet All-Day

Now that many yogurt companies have already been advertising their yogurts that contain probiotics, you might want to take advantage of it…or not. While it is true that the good bacteria found in yogurts, such as lactobacillus, bifidus, and acidohilus, can aid your digestion process and help in regulating your system, you need not give in to those fancier brands of yogurt.

Technically, all yogurt companies must carry in their products the ‘Live and Active Cultures’ symbol to continue selling their products. This means that all yogurts contain probiotics and your only worry is to just find the ones with the most live and active cultures. Experts say you should avoid those that contain high-fructose corn syrup or any that has artificial sweeteners. To be safe, just go with a plain and unflavored one and just flavor it with your own jam or honey.

  1. Black licorice roots are not just candy



You don’t have to go running to a candy store to grab one, though. In fact, black licorice roots can be found in most health food stores in either supplement or liquid extract forms. It turns out that this food has a natural diuretic and mild laxative property which could help you greatly with your water retention problems.

Doctors recommend you take 1 ml of this extract for three times a day during the few days of the month that you feel extra-bloated. Don’t use this if you’ve got hypertension or a congestive heart failure, though, as it can only make matters worse.

It’s best you keep a stock of these foods, if you are the kind who usually feels bloated all the time. They are not only accessible and much cheaper than medicines, they also do less harm to your health.

3 Best Retirement Places For The Best Dollar Stretch

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Americans learned a lot of lessons from the global economic crisis that created a dent in their investment and retirement accounts. Majority of them paid a high price when little by little they sold their homes, cars and other assets in lieu of supporting their living expenses. Likewise, “frugal” became the new normal; even when the economy has started to improve they adopted a simplier lifestyle for the better. And for those retiring very soon as well as the recently retired, moving to a place that will assure a modest lifestyle at low cost has become a main attraction. Expect retired Americans to be seen living across Asia, Europe or South America and anywhere else they can maximize their retirement dollars. And as dollars remain a major currency to collect by any country to help boost their economy, expect these countries’ to provide promising retirement living through affordable housing, healthcare, food and recreation.

Wondering where you can live on $2,000 a month or less? Here’s the buzz on this query:


Guam could be a home not far away from your real home. Technically a territory of the United States, it’s as if you never really got out of your mother land. The politics and culture is very much American and currency remains the dollar. Your best bet for this island is the lower cost of living as compared to another US territory, Hawaii. A one bedroom apartment rent could go as low as $400 per month, while exclusive units with a sea front costing only $1,000 a month. However, you may find the cost of basic goods such as grocery items, meat, vegetables and dairies to be twice as much since they are imported. Cost of health care, an issue that is important to retirees, is covered by Guam-based insurers. And because their healthcare facilities are accredited by several US federal agencies, you can count on the US standard quality of service.

Guam Vacations

Guam Vacations


Thailand is one country in Asia that is a seat of modern lifestyle; yet the cost of living is very low coupled by a fantastic weather. One place in particular worthy of praise by other foreign retirees is Chiang Mai. Even by Thai standard, the cost of living in this place is relatively cheap. You can find almost everything you will ever need – entertainment, western style restaurants and social events — at the fraction of a cost. Consider the following monthly expenses: 1,200 square foot condo for $400, groceries for home cooking at $50 while dine-in at restaurants cost about $100.

Another great thing about Thailand is their healthcare services, being the best in Asia for medical tourism. They are known for their instantaneous and professional services. Don’t be surprised to find routine dental check-up at $17 per visit or a major surgery for a little more than $10,000.


The global economic crisis caused a dip in the value of properties almost everywhere. Spain wasn’t spared from this especially as euro crisis still continue to slow down the country’s progress. Nevertheless, Spain has since become an attraction to retirees with their countless villas, houses and apartments that sell for less than $200,000. Cheap rentals that go at the ballpark of $700 a month for a two-bedroom apartment are excellent alternative for those who do not want to spare so much for an investment.

Spain: All about country

Spain: All about country

Supplies from traditional open-air markets cost relatively the same or even less compared to the Unites States. Spain offers free public health services, but additional private health insurance can be availed at a price not exceeding $300 a month. Medical prescriptions can be filled at prices that are at least 70% cheaper compared to the prices of medicines in America.

3 Sure Fire Ways to Raise Financing for your Small Business

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Skill and preparation are needed when launching a business. Start up entrepreneurs realizes that they may not have the resources to market their ideas. It’s a common dilemma among entrepreneurs to speculate on how to raise capital while entertaining doubts on how their business will be financially secure to make it sustainable

Funding is the life blood of the business without it, the business will die. An infusion of funds is always welcome whether or not the company is experiencing consistent growth or simply starting. Getting the necessary funding does not necessarily have to be a complex exercise and there are more sources of raising funds other than from family and friends.

Understanding this dynamic will allow many a start up to actually give their business idea a chance to see reality.

Where to find funding

Taking advantage of online and offline resources as well as speaking with successful entrepreneurs who have success in the area can be a goldmine of information on where to find fund sourcing. Depending upon the needs and capacity of the founders, finding the right kind of funding for your business can infuse the much needed capital without necessarily compromising control or accountability.

How to Raise Business Finance

How to Raise Business Finance

It’s not that difficult for businesses with a track record to acquire the necessary funding. For startups however, they are encouraged to investigate their funding options and make a market search in order to understand the potential targeted consumer base and prospective competitors.

Raising Capital


Aside from the traditional means of raising capital like borrowing from friends and family or getting a bank loan, here are three sure fire alternatives to get the much needed loan for your startups business:


  • Angel Investing – Big businesses like Google and Facebook have benefited from Angel investors. Angel Investors are retired executives or entrepreneurs who are interested in investing capital on startups.

Guidance, management advice and valuable contacts these investors can lend to a startup are just some of the advantages of getting an angel investor aside from the funds that they can offer. Angel Investing is normally sourced out through referrals, business contacts, conferences and symposia organized by groups of angels. Qualified companies get the opportunity pitch directly to investors.

  • Venture Capital - The venture capital business is based on the idea that a few big successes can make up for a lot of poor performers. Because of this, venture capitalists look for business with a strong potential for growth. Venture capitalists invest in the early stages of the business. Traditionally, they receive only equity in the business in exchange for funding it. These days, they demand a mixture of equity and debt financing. If the business you’re in has a modest market, venture capital may not be for you.


  • Find a Business Partner - Don’t have the money to start your business? Find someone who will. 28 percent of top 500 businesses receive funding from a co-founder. Choosing a business partner is like looking for a mate: make sure that their goals are aligned with yours. A business partner will have control over the direction of a business. In case of disagreement, it’s always safe to have safeguards in place. Have a buyout agreement in cases of breakdown in the relationship.

The 12 Step Checklist For A Success

The 12 Step Checklist For A Success


Raising capital does not have to be a difficult undertaking. Companies who have been willing to give away almost all of equity to venture capitalist just to get funding without knowing that there are actually other sources of funding have lost some ground early on in prime investments.

Be careful to renegotiate your financial terms. If you’re not careful, these could mean a couple of million in the near future.