Feeling Bloated? Eat Any of These 3 Foods to Ease That Feeling

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Most of us totally hate that uncomfortable feeling of bloating in our bellies. Bloating can be caused by a lot of factors; it can either be because of water or gas retention, or constipation. But before you seek relief by heading out to the pharmacy right away, you might want to check out your fridge for these natural anti-bloating foods first.

  1. Papaya can shrink that belly down

Papayas are known to contain the enzyme called papain, which works similarly to the digestive enzymes that our pancreas secretes in order to break down proteins brought by food. This tropical fruit turns out to affect many aspects of our digestion, and is said to ease bloating that could be related to constipation or gas retention.

To help you reap the most benefits out of the papain enzyme, you can ea a papaya whole or make a smoothie out of it. Fruit juices are not only easy to consume, they are also devoid of the fruit’s essential vitamins and nutrients. Another option would be to take in papain in supplement forms; however, taking it would not be as beneficial as taking in a whole papaya since its minerals and enzymes impart much greater benefits than that of an isolated nutrient.

  1. Eat a cup of yogurt

Easy and Sweet All-Day

Easy and Sweet All-Day

Now that many yogurt companies have already been advertising their yogurts that contain probiotics, you might want to take advantage of it…or not. While it is true that the good bacteria found in yogurts, such as lactobacillus, bifidus, and acidohilus, can aid your digestion process and help in regulating your system, you need not give in to those fancier brands of yogurt.

Technically, all yogurt companies must carry in their products the ‘Live and Active Cultures’ symbol to continue selling their products. This means that all yogurts contain probiotics and your only worry is to just find the ones with the most live and active cultures. Experts say you should avoid those that contain high-fructose corn syrup or any that has artificial sweeteners. To be safe, just go with a plain and unflavored one and just flavor it with your own jam or honey.

  1. Black licorice roots are not just candy



You don’t have to go running to a candy store to grab one, though. In fact, black licorice roots can be found in most health food stores in either supplement or liquid extract forms. It turns out that this food has a natural diuretic and mild laxative property which could help you greatly with your water retention problems.

Doctors recommend you take 1 ml of this extract for three times a day during the few days of the month that you feel extra-bloated. Don’t use this if you’ve got hypertension or a congestive heart failure, though, as it can only make matters worse.

It’s best you keep a stock of these foods, if you are the kind who usually feels bloated all the time. They are not only accessible and much cheaper than medicines, they also do less harm to your health.

3 Best Retirement Places For The Best Dollar Stretch

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Americans learned a lot of lessons from the global economic crisis that created a dent in their investment and retirement accounts. Majority of them paid a high price when little by little they sold their homes, cars and other assets in lieu of supporting their living expenses. Likewise, “frugal” became the new normal; even when the economy has started to improve they adopted a simplier lifestyle for the better. And for those retiring very soon as well as the recently retired, moving to a place that will assure a modest lifestyle at low cost has become a main attraction. Expect retired Americans to be seen living across Asia, Europe or South America and anywhere else they can maximize their retirement dollars. And as dollars remain a major currency to collect by any country to help boost their economy, expect these countries’ to provide promising retirement living through affordable housing, healthcare, food and recreation.

Wondering where you can live on $2,000 a month or less? Here’s the buzz on this query:


Guam could be a home not far away from your real home. Technically a territory of the United States, it’s as if you never really got out of your mother land. The politics and culture is very much American and currency remains the dollar. Your best bet for this island is the lower cost of living as compared to another US territory, Hawaii. A one bedroom apartment rent could go as low as $400 per month, while exclusive units with a sea front costing only $1,000 a month. However, you may find the cost of basic goods such as grocery items, meat, vegetables and dairies to be twice as much since they are imported. Cost of health care, an issue that is important to retirees, is covered by Guam-based insurers. And because their healthcare facilities are accredited by several US federal agencies, you can count on the US standard quality of service.

Guam Vacations

Guam Vacations


Thailand is one country in Asia that is a seat of modern lifestyle; yet the cost of living is very low coupled by a fantastic weather. One place in particular worthy of praise by other foreign retirees is Chiang Mai. Even by Thai standard, the cost of living in this place is relatively cheap. You can find almost everything you will ever need – entertainment, western style restaurants and social events — at the fraction of a cost. Consider the following monthly expenses: 1,200 square foot condo for $400, groceries for home cooking at $50 while dine-in at restaurants cost about $100.

Another great thing about Thailand is their healthcare services, being the best in Asia for medical tourism. They are known for their instantaneous and professional services. Don’t be surprised to find routine dental check-up at $17 per visit or a major surgery for a little more than $10,000.


The global economic crisis caused a dip in the value of properties almost everywhere. Spain wasn’t spared from this especially as euro crisis still continue to slow down the country’s progress. Nevertheless, Spain has since become an attraction to retirees with their countless villas, houses and apartments that sell for less than $200,000. Cheap rentals that go at the ballpark of $700 a month for a two-bedroom apartment are excellent alternative for those who do not want to spare so much for an investment.

Spain: All about country

Spain: All about country

Supplies from traditional open-air markets cost relatively the same or even less compared to the Unites States. Spain offers free public health services, but additional private health insurance can be availed at a price not exceeding $300 a month. Medical prescriptions can be filled at prices that are at least 70% cheaper compared to the prices of medicines in America.

3 Sure Fire Ways to Raise Financing for your Small Business

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Skill and preparation are needed when launching a business. Start up entrepreneurs realizes that they may not have the resources to market their ideas. It’s a common dilemma among entrepreneurs to speculate on how to raise capital while entertaining doubts on how their business will be financially secure to make it sustainable

Funding is the life blood of the business without it, the business will die. An infusion of funds is always welcome whether or not the company is experiencing consistent growth or simply starting. Getting the necessary funding does not necessarily have to be a complex exercise and there are more sources of raising funds other than from family and friends.

Understanding this dynamic will allow many a start up to actually give their business idea a chance to see reality.

Where to find funding

Taking advantage of online and offline resources as well as speaking with successful entrepreneurs who have success in the area can be a goldmine of information on where to find fund sourcing. Depending upon the needs and capacity of the founders, finding the right kind of funding for your business can infuse the much needed capital without necessarily compromising control or accountability.

How to Raise Business Finance

How to Raise Business Finance

It’s not that difficult for businesses with a track record to acquire the necessary funding. For startups however, they are encouraged to investigate their funding options and make a market search in order to understand the potential targeted consumer base and prospective competitors.

Raising Capital


Aside from the traditional means of raising capital like borrowing from friends and family or getting a bank loan, here are three sure fire alternatives to get the much needed loan for your startups business:


  • Angel Investing – Big businesses like Google and Facebook have benefited from Angel investors. Angel Investors are retired executives or entrepreneurs who are interested in investing capital on startups.

Guidance, management advice and valuable contacts these investors can lend to a startup are just some of the advantages of getting an angel investor aside from the funds that they can offer. Angel Investing is normally sourced out through referrals, business contacts, conferences and symposia organized by groups of angels. Qualified companies get the opportunity pitch directly to investors.

  • Venture Capital - The venture capital business is based on the idea that a few big successes can make up for a lot of poor performers. Because of this, venture capitalists look for business with a strong potential for growth. Venture capitalists invest in the early stages of the business. Traditionally, they receive only equity in the business in exchange for funding it. These days, they demand a mixture of equity and debt financing. If the business you’re in has a modest market, venture capital may not be for you.


  • Find a Business Partner - Don’t have the money to start your business? Find someone who will. 28 percent of top 500 businesses receive funding from a co-founder. Choosing a business partner is like looking for a mate: make sure that their goals are aligned with yours. A business partner will have control over the direction of a business. In case of disagreement, it’s always safe to have safeguards in place. Have a buyout agreement in cases of breakdown in the relationship.

The 12 Step Checklist For A Success

The 12 Step Checklist For A Success


Raising capital does not have to be a difficult undertaking. Companies who have been willing to give away almost all of equity to venture capitalist just to get funding without knowing that there are actually other sources of funding have lost some ground early on in prime investments.

Be careful to renegotiate your financial terms. If you’re not careful, these could mean a couple of million in the near future.